1859 Balloon Voyage embarks on its 20,000th flight

The 1859 Balloon Voyage took it’s 20,000th flight on Sept. 27, 2017. 

By Ephraim Rudolph
Conner Prairie’s iconic 1859 Balloon Voyage celebrated its 20,000th flight today. Along for the special ride were guests Ashley, Kimberly, Zoe, and Todd. They join the ranks of thousands of Conner Prairie guests who have enjoyed the experience since its first balloon launch in 2009.

Taking pride in the moment was Conner Prairie staff member Chris Greiling, who has served as chief and manager of the exhibit since 2012.

“It’s a milestone, a nice big milestone,” hesaid. “We’ve been very successful with it for the last eight years.”

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Longer hayrides, 7-acre corn maze new this year at Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman is back at Conner Prairie this fall for its 34th season starting Oct. 12.

Staff Report
The Headless Horseman rides again at Conner Prairie for 11 straight nights in October. The fall family tradition runs from 6-9 p.m. Oct. 12-15, 19-22 and 26-29.

Presale tickets will be on sale from Sept. 6-Oct. 11 and are $13 for Thursday and Sunday tickets and $17 for Friday and Saturday tickets. General admission tickets are available for purchase Oct. 12-29 and are $17 for Thursday and Sunday tickets and $21 for Friday and Saturday tickets.

Advance sale tickets are available online at connerprairie.org and by calling Guest Services at (317) 776-6000.

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Simple recipes featuring Apple Store products perfect for fall suppers

The Apple Store opens for its 32nd season on Friday, Sept. 1. The ladies of the Conner Prairie Alliance have created four recipes utilizing the store’s fresh apples. 

Staff Report
On Friday, Sept. 1, the Apple Store at Conner Prairie will open for the season. That means everyone’s favorite fall treats will be back, including caramel apples, apple cider slushies, apple fritters, and more, along with plain apples perfect for cooking.

The women of the Conner Prairie Alliance selected four different recipes utilizing fresh apples from the store. Follow the recipes or click the link embedded in three of the four titles to see a YouTube video with instructions on how to make each recipe. Enjoy!

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Experience area close-up: 1859 Balloon Voyage

Our 1859 Balloon Voyage opened in 2009, and it tells the story of the first airmail delivery in the U.S., which happened in Lafayette, Ind. 

By Hannah Kiefer
For the next two weeks, we’re taking our blog to new heights as we explore another experience area: 1859 Balloon Voyage.

The experience opened in 2009. It tells the story of John Wise, a balloonist who carried out the first airmail delivery in the U.S. back in 1859. The feat occurred in Lafayette, Ind.

Wise was an enthusiastic balloonist and he flew various balloons just about every season for decades. He was especially interested in the “rivers of wind,” or a rudimentary concept similar to the jet stream that we know today. Wise never flew high enough to access the jet stream, though; his balloons were not built for such heights. But his ideas weren’t entirely incorrect when it came to how to navigate the wind above the ground. Continue reading

Experience area close-up: Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters opened at Conner Prairie in 2007. This area allows guests to get up-close with rare breeds and learn about the role these animals played in 19th-century Indiana. 

By Hannah Kiefer
For the next few weeks we’re taking a close-up look at an experience area that many of our guests know and love: Animal Encounters!

Conner Prairie has a history of agriculture. William Conner himself kept livestock and farmed the land near where Animal Encounters is today, and before Conner Prairie was a museum, we were a farm. Developed by Eli Lilly, Conner Prairie Farms began in 1934. The farm raised Percheron horses, Shorthorn cattle, Berkshire hogs, and Shropshire sheep. In the words of Lilly, “The quality of our livestock was second to none.” In 1964, Conner Prairie became a full-fledged museum.

Our Animal Encounters experience area opened in 2007 with the intent of helping to bridge the disconnect between people and agriculture that has developed in recent decades. Additionally, heritage breeds were selected to help support the goal of educating guests on what life was like in 19th-century Indiana. Continue reading