Simple, tasty recipes featuring Apple Store products perfect for fall baking

The Apple Store at Conner Prairie opens for its 31st season on Thursday. These tasty recipes using product from the store are simple to make and delicious to enjoy.

By Hannah Kiefer
On Thursday, the Apple Store at Conner Prairie will open for its 31st season. That means there will be a whole bunch of apple goodness, including apple cider, apple butter, apple pies and just plain apples.

The women of the Conner Prairie Alliance put together four different recipes utilizing various ingredients from the store. Follow the recipes or click the link embedded in each title to see a YouTube video with instructions on how to make each recipe. Continue reading

Series of 19th-century cooking videos begins on YouTube Aug. 29

Conner Prairie interpreter Sarah Richcreek (right) stars in one of four videos that highlight 19th-century cooking techniques. The first video of the series shot recently at Conner Prairie by Jas. Townsend & Son will be posted on the company’s YouTube channel on Aug. 29.

By Hannah Kiefer
A few weeks ago, several people from Pierceton, Ind.-based Jas. Townsend & Son came to Conner Prairie to shoot several videos for its YouTube channel. The videos involve 19th-century cooking methods, including bread baked in Conner Prairie’s new cob oven. The videos will feature several of Conner Prairie’s interpreters, including Sarah Richcreek and Kim McCann.

Jas. Townsend & Son are known for their reproduction of 18th-century clothing, camp equipment, cooking supplies and other accessories. The company also creates cooking videos for YouTube. Recently, a video featuring a recipe for fried chicken from the 18th century garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube. Continue reading

Rare autos, machines of all kind on display at third annual Festival of Machines

Machines of all kind, including more than 20 vintage automobiles, will be displayed at Conner Prairie during its third annual Festival of Machines Sept. 17-18.

Staff Report
In just more than three weeks, machines of all sizes and types will be displayed at Conner Prairie. The third annual Festival of Machines is Sept. 17-18.

The festival’s intent is to share Indiana’s rich history of transportation innovation. Its centerpiece will be more than 20 one-of-a-kind, vintage automobiles with their owners on hand to discuss the history of their cars and their work to restore them and share them with future generations. Continue reading

Preparations under way to open Apple Store at Conner Prairie Sept. 1

Conner Prairie Alliance volunteers will be hard at work during the next couple of weeks, preparing the Apple Store at Conner Prairie for its 31st season. The store opens at 11 a.m. Sept. 1.

Staff Report
August is a busy month for about 100 women who support Conner Prairie – not as busy as the two months that follow but still pretty hectic. And stressful.

That’s because floors need mopped, walls scrubbed, shelves wiped down and windows cleaned. There’s thousands of products to order, display and inventory. Then, there’s training – a lot of training – to make sure the Apple Store at Conner Prairie is a success in its 31st season. The store was created in 1985 by a very dedicated group of women who make up the Conner Prairie Alliance.

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Rare-breed Conner Prairie Ossabaw hog part of national research program

The genetic code of one of Conner Prairie’s rare-breed Ossabaw hogs is being included in a national research program aimed at preserving species.

By Hannah Kiefer
Earlier this summer, one of Conner Prairie’s rare-breed Ossabaw Island hogs was taken to Purdue University for use in a research program. Semen from the boar will be entered into the National Animal Germplasm Preservation program.

The purpose of the program is “to gather as much range of genetic diversity among all the species and get it preserved primarily for security, in case of some sort of future disaster” like disease, said Terry Stewart, professor of Animal Sciences at Purdue.

All of the germplasm is stored at a U.S. Department of Agriculture site in Fort Collins, Colo. Stewart said Purdue helps collect the samples with a focus on swine, beef cattle and dairy cattle. The program is funded by the federal government and began in the 1970s for seeds and the 1990s for animal germplasm. Continue reading