Simple recipes featuring Apple Store products perfect for fall suppers

The Apple Store opens for its 32nd season on Friday, Sept. 1. The ladies of the Conner Prairie Alliance have created four recipes utilizing the store’s fresh apples. 

Staff Report
On Friday, Sept. 1, the Apple Store at Conner Prairie will open for the season. That means everyone’s favorite fall treats will be back, including caramel apples, apple cider slushies, apple fritters, and more, along with plain apples perfect for cooking.

The women of the Conner Prairie Alliance selected four different recipes utilizing fresh apples from the store. Follow the recipes or click the link embedded in three of the four titles to see a YouTube video with instructions on how to make each recipe. Enjoy!

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Youth spinning program creates future leaders with high STEM skills

Conner Prairie employee Sue Payne (right) leads the museum’s growing youth spinning program, which culminates each year by competing at the Indiana State Fair.

By Hannah Kiefer
At the Indiana State Fair earlier this month, four teams of Conner Prairie youth volunteers were faced with a seemingly impossible task: Make a scarf – from unspun wool to finished product – in just four hours.

Several times a week for months or even years, the youth train for the “Sheep to Shawl” competition, practicing all of the steps over and over, from carding the wool to spinning the thread to the actual weaving.

“They have to really prove themselves to be focused and hardworking to make it to the fair,” said Youth Manager Sarah Morin-Wilson. Continue reading

Family favorite Apple Store at Conner Prairie opens for 32nd season Sept. 1

The Apple Store at Conner Prairie will open for its 32nd year on Sept. 1.

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The sights of perfectly hand-dipped caramel apples coupled with smells of freshly popped popcorn, apple pie and hot cider return to Conner Prairie when a family favorite store opens for its 32nd season.

The Apple Store at Conner Prairie opens at 11 a.m. Sept. 1 and will be open from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays through Oct. 31. During October’s Headless Horseman fall festival, hours will be extended until 9 p.m. The store will also be open on both Labor Day and Halloween. Continue reading

Study: Conner Prairie contributes $39.1 million to Indiana’s economy in 2016

Conner Prairie was established in 1934 with pharmaceutical entrepreneur Eli Lilly purchased the Hamilton County property.

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Conner Prairie infused $39.1 million into Indiana’s economy in 2016, according to results of a new economic impact study commissioned by the museum.

Funds spent at the museum, in Hamilton County and surrounding counties in addition to funds spent by Conner Prairie on local goods and services infused $5.9 million more into the state’s economy last year than in 2014, the year of the museum’s last economic impact study.

Spending generated by Conner Prairie also created 560 full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary jobs, and generated $12.6 million in wage and salary income. Additionally, spending related to Conner Prairie in 2016 generated $10.2 million in local, state and federal taxes. Continue reading

New, 7-acre corn maze set to open at Conner Prairie Sept. 23

The new, 7-acre corn maze at Conner Prairie opens Sept. 23.

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A large corn maze that’s sure to be a hit this fall and beyond at Conner Prairie has been designed and cut and is growing tall at Conner Prairie.

The new, 7-acre maze opens Sept. 23 and will remain open during regular operating hours through the end of the museum’s outdoor season on Oct 29. Continue reading