About 850 animal, plant species call Conner Prairie home

About 850 different species of amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, plants and birds call Conner Prairie home.

By Hannah Kiefer
When visitors think of Conner Prairie, they may often think of the characters who reside in 1836 Prairietown or who entertain in our 1863 Civil War Journey and Lenape Indian Camp. But, there’s a much more wild set of residents on our grounds: The wildlife.

Conner Prairie has more than 1,100 acres of land and most of that is untouched, so there’s quite a bit of wild space. Couple that with the fact that Conner Prairie is surrounded by roads and suburban neighborhoods and much wildlife in the area finds refuge on our property. This can include everything from mammals and birds to amphibians and reptiles.

Our grounds provide a variety of different environments, thanks to the White River, forested areas and the prairie, just to name a few features. Continue reading

Experience area close-up: William Conner House

William Conner House at Conner Prairie was built in 1823. It has undergone several interior and exterior renovations to keep Conner’s history alive..

By Hannah Kiefer
Next up in our series on our outdoor experience areas, we’re taking a look at the area that gave Conner Prairie its name: William Conner House.

Prior to living in the structure, Conner and first wife Mekinges lived in a two-room cabin about a half-mile north of where William Conner House now stands. Mekinges was a Lenape Indian. When she moved west with her and Conner’s children in 1820 after the Treaty of St. Mary’s, Conner would marry second wife Elizabeth and she moved into the cabin with him.

Conner built his home in 1823. He was a wealthy man in the area thanks to his business in the fur trade. His house is one of central Indiana’s oldest brick homes. The bricks were fired in a kiln that previously existed on-site, in the field behind where Animal Encounters now stands. Continue reading

2016 Year in Review: July-September

Staff Report
The summer of 2016 was a busy one. This post takes a look back at some major events that happened from July through August.

Nearly 10,000 visitors explore Conner Prairie’s new Treetop Outpost during its first week being open. The 6,000-square-foot destination nestled in the woods along the White River features a four-story, 45-foot-tall tree house surrounded by hands-on, interactive experience areas that allow visitors of all ages to explore nature and its resources, dig in a re-created archaeology site, build, create art and play music. Construction on the $800,000 project began in November 2015 and is designated an official Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project as part of the Bicentennial Nature Center Network. Continue reading

New outdoor nature experience opening at Conner Prairie in July

Construction continues on Treetop Outpost, a new, 10,000-square-foot outdoor nature experience that will open in July at Conner Prairie.

Staff Report

A four-story treehouse offering visitors panoramic views of the forest will be the centerpiece of a new 10,000-square-foot outdoor experience that will open July 1 at Conner Prairie.

Construction on Treetop Outpost began in late October and continues today in the southwest corner of the museum’s grounds, close to the White River. Several activity areas will surround the treehouse, allowing visitors of all ages to engage with natural materials, experience archaeology, build, create nature-based artwork, explore music with instruments and more.

Visitors will enter the treehouse by spanning a suspension bridge or walking up an elevated walkway. A portion of Conner Prairie’s existing nature walk will connect with Treetop Outpost. Continue reading